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Once upon a time, there was a blacksmith with wares of exceeding excellence. Legends say his wares were imbued with a magical property of ghostly deception. During a robbery investigation, the Captain of the Guards in North Britannia found numerous travelers fell victim to a local thief whom exchanged ingots for large sums of gold. Among the items exchanged, there was a hand-crafted helm and a bank note for 1000 ingots. Upon further inspection, the Captain concluded these were a string of crimes committed by multiple thieves and doubled the guard to prevent future occurrences. The Captain grew more puzzled, as no thieves were found and yet there were reports of this crime continuing to occur. One evening, the Captain decided to have his guards go forth and make exchanges with local traders to capture the thief. Among them, there were three guards that were swindled during an exchange. Each initiated a negotiation with a blacksmith, during the negotiation the guards requested proof of the level of craftsmanship. Each thief provided a plate mail helm which held a signature, validating these had been crafted by this craftsman and their expertise was that of a Grand Master. Each guard gave chase but lost sight of the thief near the blacksmith anvil. The guards noted they all saw Abraham hammering on a sheet of metal where their chase ended. Frustrated and disheartened, the Captain decided to resign from his post for he had failed the kingdom. Each of the plate mail helms were then placed into a chest in the guard's tower. After a few months, the former Captain decided to inspect the plate mail helms for any evidence which would lead to the closure of these crimes. When he arrived guard's tower and opened the chest of helms, he expected to see each crafted by a different thief. Puzzled, he quickly mounted his horse and galloped to each of the victim's homes that had been robbed. Victim after victim, he found they were all in possession of the same helm crafted by a single blacksmith. Once the former Captain realized what occurred, he quickly took the newfound information to the presiding Captain of the Guards. A warrant was drafted and posted among the walls in Britannia. Word spread across the land of this grievous crimes but it was too late, for the criminal had swept across the land and disappeared in the town of Minoc. For in the chest lay only three helms, each helm bare the mark "crafted by Abraham".


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