Atlara Skeuferyl

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Atlara Skeuferyl and his father parted on the worst of terms. His father had advanced far in the ranks of the Obsidian mages, and fully expected Atlara to follow in his footsteps. Atlara was given the best of tutoring and training in the arcane arts, but Atlara despised the Obsidian mages and their blind allegiance to the Obsidian Order. And so it was that Atlara snuck away one night and traveled across the land in search of knowledge and adventure. And yet, he still wears his Obsidian cloak – it has proven quite useful, as the peasants tend to cringe with fear as soon as they notice it. He is now residing in Fallen Waters Fortress, where the inhabitants are willing to leave him alone to practice his arcane skills. He has set up an alchemist’s shop, and the residents seem content to buy his wares without asking too many questions.


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