Balec Fares deCani

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Balec Fares de Cani (Balec, Knight of the Wolf) **Coat of arms** Per pall Or, azure, and tenny, between a wolf's head erased argent and another sable regardant, a Cherokee Rose sable **Description** On the top, Or, representing Love and Compassion (secondarily: understanding, respect, virtue) On the right, Azure, representing Truth and Honesty (secondarily: steadfastness, strength and loyalty) On the left, Tenney representing Trees and Nature (secondarily: victory and perseverance in battle) Paired Argent and Sable Wolves representing valor and guardianship along with devotion to family. The mirroring of argent and sable representing the union of truth, purity and innocence with determination, grief and wisdom. The sable sword is the symbol of military honor, power, freedom and grief to the enemy. The Cherokee Rose specifically is a particularly fierce foe in battle against both man and beast; with weight and girth to stop an enemy and take off limbs and an upswept and exaggerated point to pierce armour or thick hide. The Cherokee Rose is wielded one or two-handed and is said to have been tempered by the tears of mothers who wept when first the world was shattered.