Corazon Agapae

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Corazon was the second child of three, raised in a loving household in the North of Spain. His father was a farmer who was constantly neglecting his duties to tinker with his experimental clockwork mechanisms, which never amounted to anything. While his mother, being so pedantic about her work, was a fantastic Tailor. While not at the forefront of design, she was always being commissioned by Lords and Ladies far and wide for the latest dress or suit. Nestled between the lower mountains and the sea, when Corazon wasn't tending crops or assisting his father, his older brother and he were climbing cliff faces and exploring ocean rock caves, leaving his sister to help their mother. Always having an affinity with the sea, Corazon could sit for hours gazing north over the thunderous surf, and often casting aside his garments to let the current sweep him out. Relying more on his knowledge of the seas than his limited strength to get him back to shore safely. At the age of 16, feeling inadequate as his brother was running the farm and his sister apprenticing to their mother, and also having no real interest in following in the footsteps of either parent. Corazon left home in search of adventure. Coming from a fairly reserved and strict family, it did not take long for Corazon to succumb to the temptation of the flesh, spending most of his coin on mead and woman. Knowingly finding himself on the path of destruction, he attached himself to the clergy in Paris, thus starting his religious journey. Being an intelligent youth, it did not take him long to see the hypocritical side of mans twist of the Divines will, to suit his own desire. And once again departing from any semblance of authority, he set out on his own. Having studied with the clergy for 3-4 years, spiritually grasping a hold of the direction his life should lead, he had less inclination for his own desires, and strove to become a champion of the Divine. And in gaining this understanding, realising that he could never attain perfection, as the mind and flesh is weak, he relied upon the Divines strength. And through Him, started performing miraculous feats, such as healing the sick and overcoming great evil on the battle field. With a love for people and wanting to see their needs put before his, and although competent with the sword, courageously prefers to help those in need than fight. Oft times putting his own life at jeopardy.


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