Jarrod Kailef

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I grew up playing Ultima games and marveling at how incredible it was to have an entire world to explore that was just behind the curved glass of my CRT, especially when contrasted to the competing games on the market at the time. Ultima and Origin Systems are what influenced my early decision to become a programmer and work with computers, and Richard Garriott is as close to a childhood hero as I ever had. As a youth, I wanted to grow up and work for him. I thought that was an impossibility of course, as thirty years have passed since I was playing Ultima on my Apple //+ in my bedroom and dreaming of being an Origin Systems employee. Yet now, having contributed multiple musical compositions to Portalarium that will be part of the game, and then being paid for them, that childhood dream has become a reality! The amazing thing is that anyone who has the skill, time and patience can contribute in any number of ways and have a meaningful, measurable impact on the development of Shroud of the Avatar. I believe that Croudsourcing is going to change the way that games are made, and I think that Richard Garriott and Portalarium are the tip of the spear. By far, they are the leading edge with regard to including their customer base in the development process in a constructive and fun way.