Sir Alar "Pyq" de Griffonbourg

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1066 The House Griffonbourg arrived in England 1066. 1267 The Nemonisos Trust was set up by Sir Hærsir de Girffonbourg as a family office in the year 1267. It has the task of upkeeping the Girffonbourg familiy heirloom. 1371 House Durville swears eternal fealty to House Griffonborg 1415 In the Battle of Agincourt two Members of the de Griffonbourg family were killed within three minutes on Friday, 25 October 1415 by french pikemen. The actual joke they made before the rode of to battle is lost, but the name Pyq never left the family. 1664 Thomas de Griffonbourg financed George Etherege's Love in a Tub (1664). Having drunk to much at the premiere, Sir Thomas was arrested and fined 5 Guines for obnoxious behavior in public. 1761 Richard de Griffonbourg served on the board of directors of the East India Companie from 1761-1774. 1781 Peter de Griffonbourg served in the council of the Royal Academy of Arts 1781 to 1791. The most noteworthy was an unsuccessful attempt to introduce a grant for the most hilarious contemporary comedy. Hilbert de Griffonbourg served as Lieutenant on the Polyphemus under Capt Robert Redmill at the battle of Trafalgar 1805.


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