Sirius Sternwarte

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I took inspiration for my character from my family's historical roots in a village in Switzerland called Sigriswil in the district of Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland. Like my family's own coat of arms, my character's also features the wild Ibex common to the region. I also have a keen interested in astronomy - and it just so happens that in Sigriswil there is a national observatory called "Sternwarte Planetarium SIRIUS" named after Sirius - the brightest star in the earth's night sky. I've used 3 stars to represent the 3 brightest stars in the night sky - Sirius, Canopus and Alpha Centauri A. The Ibex is a variation of one used on my family crest originating from the region of Sigriswil. I've based my character Sirius loosely on my take on a medieval european peasant who was compelled to take up arms when he left the safety of the commune. You'll have to forgive my ignorance of the real history, as I grew up in Australia. As far as the game goes I shall pursue the path of a ranger.